Here are some of my favorite drawings.
It's not all of them, but it's a place to start.
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These are my favorite bugs. They could be Mother and Son or Mother and Daughter or even Siblings.
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Noura the Fearless
This is my grandniece.
She's a cutie!
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The Mom
I drew this for a friend who was feeling overwhelmed with motherhood.
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Hold to the Iron Rod
How do we cope?
How do we know what to do?
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My friend, Anne, has a million cats roaming around in her backyard-well, maybe not a million.
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My Dance
Let's dance as if
no one is watching!
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Kids Walking
You should always hold hands when crossing the street...
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Leap Frog
...And you should always play nice.
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The Cat Walk
This is my sister and her cats. They give a whole new meaning to the "cat walk".
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Little Boy
Sometimes you just need a picture of a cute little boy. I drew him for Harry's Kindergarden valentine.
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Harry modeled for this when he was a little older.
For a coloring page,
click here.