Jan's Friends
Happy Halloween!
I love it when it starts to get cool outside and the wind blows and Target gets all their Halloween stuff out.
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The Grave Yard
It was a dark and stormy night...
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Five Little Pumpkins
Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
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Fall Pumpkin & Twins
I drew this for my sister. That's me on top of the pumpkin and her doing all the pushing.
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Halloween Monsters
I always like the traditional Halloween costumes: Witch, Frankie, and the Mummy.
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Little Witch
Little girls dressed as Pricesses are cute, but I love a scarey Witch!
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The Pumpkin Girl
One fall I decided to see how many things I could draw using pumpkins. This and the Pumpkin man are 2 of them.
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The Pumpkin Man
If pumpkins were only 5cents I'd have piles by my door.
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Pumpkins & Apples
This drawing always reminds me of "Apple Hill"- a popular place to visit in the fall.
Trick or Treat
Because it's all about the candy!
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Best Friends
Witches and black cats. They just go together.
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Witchy Woman
Some witches just aren't scarey.
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Halloween From The Moon
As she hung from the moon, she couldn't understand how she could have lost her broom.
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Trick or Treaters
Running from house to house as fast as you can to get as much candy as you can.