Jan's Friends
Scenic Artistry
I had such a great time painting for Modesto Junior College Theatre!
Most of the time I just painted faux finishes on walls
or fake wood grain on furniture.
But every once in a while I got to do some GREAT murals.
Into The Woods
I painted this portrait of Cinderella's wicked stepmother. They made the actress look like the portrait.
This is Granny's room from Little Red Riding Hood.
This is the Baker's House. I did these very funky trees that had steel armatures behind them for the wolf to hang from.
Jekyll and Hyde
This was the scarey street that Mr. Hyde would run down. These really look like boarded up doors and windows.
The designer asked one day for a gargoyle-so the next morning there it was.
I love the rag in the window.
Jam and Jive
I painted these huge flats for a Dance Concert. They had their own dance.
The House at Pooh Corner
2009 Spring play at Enochs High. Harry was Tigger.