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Janette Larsen
I knew I wanted to be an artist when I was in the first grade. I've always liked to draw. I would doodle in school (I was kicked out of an English class in college for doodling a picture of my teacher). Even now I sometimes do my best work while listening in church. Drawing helps me concentrate while I'm listening(well, that's what I tell people) . It helps me not to fidgit. It gives me something to do when I'm nervous or uncomfortable. So I doodle and then I color. I've always loved to color. My drawings are done in colored pencil. I like the way I can layer colors with them (and they're not messy). I love to watch a doodle I've done in church turn into a finished colored drawing and then into a Christmas Card or an iron-on for a new baby's onesie or a poster hanging in my work room.
I worked as a scenic artist for our local Community College Theatre for 10 years. I painted flats to look like wood or marble. I painted furniture. I painted a lot of trees. But every once in a while I got to do some great murals. Would you like to see some?
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Now I stay home and paint murals on my own walls (only one so far) and I draw and color with my grandchildren.